Specification Tinsdal

Class GL 100 A5 E G MC AUT E
Gear no
Type Boxshaped Seagoing Multi Purpose Ship, Ferrosilicon IMO 4.3 fitted
Cargohold / Hatch 1hold / 2hatches seperated by a King Beam 52.20 x 12.90 x 8.10 openings: hatch 1 26.40 x 12.90 x 8.10
Register Tonnage GT / NT 2981 / 1505
Dimensions abt. 4270DWAT on abt. 5.64m
Deck Strength 114 / 54tns - 20'/40' stack in hold 12tns per sqm on tanktop
Deadweight Capacities abt. 4270DWAT on abt. 5.64m
Speed / Consumption abt. 12knots on abt. 8.0tns Gasoil at Bft 2
Cubic Capacity In Hold abt. 195.000cbft
Container Capacity 114TEU whereof 114 in hold and nil on deck
Engines MAK, 6 M 453 C
Tank Capacity 205tns Gasoil 1990.0tns Ballastwater
Ventilation 6 times
Equipment IMO 5.1 + 4.3 fitted / 2 steelbulkheads Hatchcovers are pontoon type consisting of 10panels operated by gantry crane. cargohold overpressure system, Bowthruster, Shaftgenerator